Monday, April 7, 2014

The Big Surprise!

I received lots of guesses and they would have all been wonderful if true.  Sadly, they were all incorrect.  Here is the surprise….
A very talented needle artist, Kathy Dunigan, is launching a brand new quilting event geared to the applique enthusiast.  The Kathy Dunigan Applique Academy (TKDAA) will kick off February 3 through February 8, 2015 with 10 applique teachers!  The event will be hosted in the Dallas, Texas area at the Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront hoteland conference center.  So far, the venue and arrangements are spectacular and it promises to be a world class event. 
As all things Texan, I just know it will be a big, welcoming, friendly event!

Main Conference Class - Botanical Rose Study - The Esperanza Rose
I will be teaching a one day class on Tuesday February 3 (Basket of Roses) and a three day class Thursday, February 5 – Saturday, February 7 (Botanical Rose Study).   

Tile of Antique Block
Basis for Botanical
Rose Study Block

Both projects continue the New World Rose series I began with The Santa Maria block that I taught at TESAA in February and the kits will include the same background fabric for anyone wishing to work on the entire project from the beginning.  I will also have additional Santa Maria kits and patterns for anyone that was not able to attend TESAA or missed out on the initial kit. 

One Day Class will
be based on this Eggelston block
Basket of Roses
For those of you that have not heard, Elly decided to close TESAA.  However, it is with her blessing that TKDAA is opening her doors and Elly will be in attendance.  A wonderful tribute to Elly is in the planning stages.  I’m sure there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

I will let everyone know as soon as Kathy has the website up and running.  At the moment, I believe she is planning on opening registration in June.

Until next time,
Best stitches!

Mercy in very HOT Miami


  1. Hey! Look forward to hearing more about it. Angie here in very warm SoCal - in the high 80s but at least no humidity - I wish so I could hope maybe rain would appear.

  2. Do you happen to know if there will be a special price for rooms for this event? The cheapest room I am finding is $149/night unless you prepay (which is nonrefundable)? I would love to take a class from you! Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi
      I believe there will be a special rate. Kathy's Facebook page says the registration website will be up June 1st. I will share any info I receive and keep you all posted.
      Best stitches!