Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baltimore Album Quilt with a Tropical Twist

I finally finished drafting the patterns for the Opportunity Quilt! Woohoo! In the final draft a I did make a few minor modifications. For example, when I drew out the Hibiscus Border I liked it so much I eliminated the Pineapple Border. So now all four borders are the same pattern. I also simplified the Fancy Vase in the center medallion to balance the composition. All in all I think the group will like it and the volunteers will enjoy stitching on their blocks/borders.

I stopped at Kinko's yesterday and made the copies. The background fabric has been washed, cut, and serged (to prevent raveling). I prepared small packets of "Bow" fabric for the 4 blocks that have a bow in the design. And, I already gave LaVerne the Vase fabric that coordinates with the Bow fabric. SOOOO, I think we are all set to begin. For those of you that cannot wait until OW meeting to begin stitching, I will be at Quilt Scene on Saturday morning for a class. If you let me know you are coming to pick up your pattern and background fabric I will bring it along and meet you after class (12:30 PM). Otherwise I will see you at Ocean Waves on 9/13/2008.

Until next time – happy stitching!

Mercy in Ft. Lauderdale Aka The Savage Quilter

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