Friday, October 26, 2012

REALLY Skinny Stems via Template Free Basting

Mother Nature's Color Inspiration

 Happy Autumn from a very rainy Miami. 
I tried my absolute best to complete my Santa Maria block by Columbus Day (October 12th).  Alas, life always seems to get in the way of my applique projects.  Instead of making everyone wait even longer for a new blog entry, I decided to share what I have completed to date.
First layer of stitching on the flower wreath supporting the Santa Maria block
Stitching the mast's and body of the Santa Maria
Sneak peak of the Santa Maria block
 In addition, snapped a few photos of my method of creating VERY skinny stems. My definition of very skinny stems is between 1/8" to 1/16th of an inch wide.  Click HERE to view a Template Free Applique (also known as Back Basting) tutorial
Trace a very skinny stem as a single line
Pin the applique fabric to the front of the block
Baste to the inside curve side of the drawn line
Trim a scant 1/8" away from the basting and applique as usual
Stitch only the inside curve
Trim the seam allowance of the stitched side as close as possible to the applique.  Be very careful to not cut the stitching!
Baste down the outside curve leaving only a scant 1/16" between the applique edge and the basting

Trim a scant 1/8" away from the basting line

Applique the outside curve as usual.  Take your time!

Lastly, my professional life is getting very busy so I may not be able to stitch and blog as much as I like. So even if you do not hear from me, please know that I am happy well.

Until next time....
Best Stitches,