Finagling Fussy Fabrics

There are a few ways to select a specific section of a print fabric for an applique shape.  Here is one of the easiest ways to create fussy leaves using the Template Free Applique preparation technique.  If you need  a refresher on Template Free Applique preparation, study the tutorial, Pictorial Tutorial Template Free.

The fern print will make a great leaf.

First select the fabric for your leaf shape.

Finger crease background.

The applique pattern will have already been traced on the background fabric.  Finger crease your background fabric to mark the placement and direct the fern print fabric will be placed.

Finger press fern spine to mark shape.
Finger crease the fern print fabric along the spine of the fern to mark which part of the fabric should be used for the applique shape.

Line up creases on both fabrics.

Basted leaf ready to be needle turned.

Pin, baste, trim, and needle turn as usual.