Monday, February 2, 2015

Tropical Folk Art Part 3 - Bigger is Better

So this is my FAVORITE method for adding borders!
First I cut my border strips the length of the fabric parallel to the selvage.  I then lay the two border pieces on top of the background they will be attached to, right across the middle.
I then use my ruler and rotary cutter to trim the borders exactly the size of the background fabric.
I then pin the borders to the background and sew!  Note the ruler was ONLY used for cutting a straight edge - NO MATH WAS USED!!!
Press the borders open and repeat the process for the remaining borders.
Now that's a gorgeous blank canvas to play with ;)

All that is left to do is center the tree shape in the center of the blue block and baste in place.  By the way, this is the only basting required.  
So to recap - 1 freezer paper template and 1 piece to baste.  Oh and no measuring!  This is my idea of stress-free, fun stitching :)
Until next time, 
Best stitches from Mercy in hot, humid Miami


  1. More and more interesting as you advance on your quilt. Thanks, Mercy. And how cool is that your DH likes to dye fabric.

    1. Thanks Nudge! Lol - DH just got tired I'd hearing me complain about hand dyed I couldn't needle by hand- not to mention the cost!

  2. Wow, I would never have thought to do a border that way but it makes perfect sense. Thank you. I am imagining those colourful leaves fluttering everywhere on the quilt. Looking fowrad to seeing the progress. BTW lovely to 'chat' with you yesterday :-) , Margaret.

    1. Thank you Margaret! Nice getting acquainted :)
      I am amazed at how many EASY ways there are to do things. I try to share each time I run across an easy method.

  3. Mercy, I've used that technique, too, on smaller projects. Much easier than measuring and gives great results.

  4. Oh I love what i am seeing! Love all the shades of color in the leaves!

  5. Doing borders such way is more easier. And I think it looks much better, too.