Clip, Clip, Snip, Snip

The difference between appliquéing an inside CURVE and an inside POINT is in the clipping!

Inside Point or Inside V

Stitching an inside point is the same as stitching two straight edges. Stitch the first edge as far as you can before the seam allowance will no longer turn under smoothly.

Then make a SINGLE clip at the point exactly to the turn line. The inside point is marked by the basting stitch. Continue appliquéing as if it were a straight line until you reach the point.

Then turn the appliqué piece in your hand and continue sweeping and stitching the remaining straight edge.

Inside U or Concave Curve
Stitching an inside curve (the inside of a U-shape) requires a different technique. Use your sharpest embroidery scissors to make several clips in the seam allowance one-half to two-thirds of the way to the turn line.

For best results, make the clips perpendicular to the seam line. The tighter the U-shape, the more clips you will need to make. In addition, as you stitch the U-shape, sweep the seam allowance under in a wide arc well ahead of where you are stitching.