Monday, April 9, 2012

Unbelievable Machine Embroidery on a Home Treadle Machine....Plus a Cottage Garden Blocks Update

Miya Gonzalez's Machine Embroidery Portfolio
My maternal grandfather was a tobacco tenant farmer in a remote agricultural community in western Cuba.  His home, the house my mom grew up in, did not have running water or electricity.  This was the norm in the community.  Everyone had to work hard to make sure no one went hungry.  One way that the woman folk contributed to the family finances was to take in sewing.  Fine embroidery and sewing paid the best rate, but was not a common skill.  Usually, the older sisters in a family would pay to learn from an instructor.  They in turn would teach the younger sisters.  My mom is the baby of 11 so she did not get to attend a class with an instructor.  However, her older sister and cousins did.  Recently, one of her cousins, Ana Gonzalez, found the portfolio album she created to earn her Machine Embroidery Certificate.  As you look at these photos, please remember that these samples were all created on a turn of the century treadle Singer, by kerosene lamplight.  I think you will be amazed!  Click on any photo to see a closeup view.  Enjoy!
Cuadros Calado






There are several more pages and techniques.  I will print more photos in coming blog posts.
I have only been stitching a little here and there since the holidays.  The only new work I have to share are two new Cottage Garden Blocks designed by Jeana Kimball.  Here are the new blocks, Buttercup and Roses.  

Following are the other blocks from the same project that I have completed.

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House Finch