Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baltimore Album BOM - the background fabric

Well I finally found the PERFECT background fabric for my Baltimore Album BOM!!! It's an a medium light, aqua blue. I know you are all thinking "huh?" "Aqua BLUE???" "Perfect??" What makes it a PERFECT background??? I'm so glad you asked! In my mind, the perfect color is the one that sets off all the colors you put on top of it. On Friday night I pulled samples all the colors I love from my stash and hit my favorite quilt shop early Saturday morning. Then I played! Aqua blue is the compliment (spelling) of Red so it really makes all the batiks in the red, pink, purple, burgundy family pop! The blue-ish greens blend beautifully. The "Ick" greens don't go but I reserve those for my reproduction quilts anyway. And the royal blues are gorgeous on it - perfect for the vases, birds, bows, etc. that adorne BAQ blocks.

Of course, all is not well in paradise. I couldn't find enough of this color all in one fabric - that would just be too easy. I have 1 yard in a Cherrywood hand-dye, and 3 yards in a Moda floral, tone on tone. I was able to get 9 blocks from the Moda. And if I'm REALLY careful I may be able to get 4 from the Cherrywood. However, I would have to cut it to finished size and be be extremely careful I get NO shrinkage at all when I applique. I'm no too worried about that because the beauty of the Template Free applique method is that everything comes out perfectly flat with almost no shrinkage.

I did try to find more of the Moda fabric online. But, the few sources I could find where sold out. So I had no choice but to go online and order several more yards of the my favorite Cherrywood hand-dye. Unfortunately, it's all in 2 yard increments - the only thing I really DO NOT like about Cherrywood - which means I will have to piece my borders - something else I really DO NOT like to do.

Oh well, I will suffer on.

Until next time – happy stitching!
Mercy in Ft. Lauderdale Aka The Savage Quilter
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P.S. - I'm having lunch with Marcia this week and will let you know the latest on her affair with the milkman!

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