Monday, May 12, 2014

Blocks in their Natural Habitat

Waterlily at Fairchild Tropical Garden

Jim and I spent the morning at Fairchild Tropical Garden; one of our favorite places to walk, talk, relax and feed our creative souls.  This is also where I get inspiration for my Tropical Botanical series of blocks that I have been working on for years. 

My interpretation of Waterlilies

Typically, Jim takes the photos and I take notes on color, texture, design and the rest happens in the studio. 

Heliconia and my Tropical Portal wall hanging
Yesterday, Jim had the idea to photograph my blocks in their "natural habitat" to see how the fabric version compared to the natural version.  Of course, everything pales in comparison to God's creations.

 I was however, very pleasantly surprised at how I was able to capture the tone, mood, and color of the tropics.  And now that I have our own hand-dyed fabrics to work with I am so excited to start the next batch of blocks.

Until next time,
Best stitches from Mercy and Jim in Miami


  1. So beautfiul! What's your dyeing secret to getting them so perfect?

  2. Thanks Eileen! My secret is a talented husband. I taught him some basics and he's really taken it to the next level. He never skimps on dye and only uses the highest quality, mercerized fabric. It really makes a huge difference in getting a rich, beautiful color!
    Best stitches!