Monday, January 6, 2014

Tropical Inspiration - The Esperanza Rose Block

A while back I remember reading a statistic that stated the vast majority (over 90%) of flowers for sale in the US enter via the ports in Miami, Florida.  So, apart from the warm weather, one of the benefits of living in South Florida is an abundance of inexpensive flowers for sale all year round.  Every Friday morning, a flower vendor comes to the office building where I work, to sell the most spectacular roses - 24 roses for $15 US.  These are the roses I purchased Friday. 
The variety is called Esperanza (Hope in Spanish).  They are so beautiful I knew that they would be the inspiration for my next block.   

The tile I am holding in my hand is from a visit last February to the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum
Here is the result - the Esperanza Rose Block.  I am still refining the drawing and making notes.  Let's face it, the New World Rose block is a tough act to follow.  My Esperanza roses will be the color inspiration as well.
Here is another block from a quilt in the same show at the museum that has just been haunting my creative mind.  I just love how prominent the needle artist chose to depict the leaves.  I suspect it is supposed to be Heliconia.  The quilt belonged to a Rev. George Eggleston and his wife Frances Muse Eggleston.


However, I just saw this beauty blooming in my Mom's yard this weekend. I have no idea what type of flower or bush it is but I love it!  Notice that the flower petals are really distressed leaves.  The ideas are percolating and I already started some sketches.  Hmmm.....
I wish all readers a happy, healthy, New Year.  May your 2014 be filled with laughter, friendship, and creative pursuits!
Best stitches,
Mercy in Miami


  1. Mercy, your drawing and applique skills are both incredible. I always look forward to your posts to see what you are up to and you never disappoint. Enjoy your warm weather and those beautiful fresh flowers. My area is in the deep freeze right now. Minus 15 with wind chills of minus 50.

  2. Those are gorgeous! Another beautiful, creative block in the making.

    1. Hi Nudge - Thanks so much. I can't wait to start stitching this one! Still tweeking the drawing and selecting fabrics.
      Stay warm.
      Best stitches!

  3. As always - THANK YOU for your kind words. I will send warm thoughts your way :)
    Best stitches,