Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two New Tutorials

Fall is officially in the air in South Florida!  The telltale signs include 1) the temperature outside in suddenly cooler than the temperature inside the house, 2) the tropical storm/wave/depression activity takes over the local newscasts, and 3) the birthday presents my husband sent away for begin arriving in the mail!  This is always a hoot and a half because he CANNOT keep a secret from me and he is terrible at finding hiding places.  My birthday is still a week away and I have already found two presents.  Maybe turning fifty may not be so bad after all!

Since the last blog posting I received several emails with questions specific to Template Free appliqué preparation.  The most common questions were:

When do you remove the basting threads?

How do you approach a design with several layers?

How do you stitch a point using this method?  How to do you ensure the point is perfectly placed.

Can you fussy cut fabrics and place them exactly as needed even though you are basting from the wrong side of the background?

I decided that the easiest way to answer these questions was to create another tutorial or two. 

I posted two tutorials today, Perfectly Placed Points and Finagling Fussy Fabrics.

If you need  a refresher on Template Free Applique preparation, study the tutorial, Pictorial Tutorial Template Free.

I will be posting Luscious Layers in the near future.

Until then, enjoy the tutorials and...

Best stitches,
Mercy in Miami

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