Sunday, August 22, 2010

No (Color) Fear

If you had no fear of color, what car would you drive?  This car was in front of me in traffic.  I was late for an appointment but I could not stop myself from following it.  Finally, the occupants pulled into a chain restaurant parking lot.  I pulled in right beside them and took a photo of the car to share.   Well, not really to share but to have proof that something like this really exists;  the same way I would grab the camera is I ran into the Loch Ness monster or Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  At first my thoughts were "who would pay money for this?", "who would let a spouse spend money on a car like this?"  Then, my thoughts shifted to "who has the guts to buy something like this just because they like it?"  And it definitely takes guts and a bit of the "show off" gene to drive this vehicle around town and park it in front of your home.  Good for them. I admire someone that has so much self confidence that they can make an extreme, long term color commitment. And pull it off with style!  Did I mention the driver and his wife got out of the car wearing matching outfits?  
Think of how much we stress about picking just the right color fabric for a project.  A PROJECT!  Something that if it does not turn out as expected we can change it EASILY.  When we create a project we are only making a color/fabric commitment for that project.  If it's a commitment that we decide later on that we cannot live with then we can change the fabric.  Fortunately, many of us do not suffer from fabric shortages so we always have more to pick from.  A friend of mine, Rusty Miller, says that when you pick a fabric for a project you are not deciding to marry it, but only date it.  If you find out you don't love it, then you can always break up.    

This week's goodies.  Since we are on the topic of color, I will share I treated myself to several yards of Cherrywood Fabrics.  The photo does not do the fabrics justice.  The colors are from left to right, Icicle, Periwinkle, Turquoise, and Celery.  I also sent away for a new color card.  They have added deep, saturated reds.  Great reds are difficult to find in hand-dyed fabric so I'm excited.  My wish list ready for my next order.

Until next time...

Best stitches,
Mercy in Miami

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