Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Knock Your Socks Off Applique

Hi gang!

First of all let me say that Jim is NEVER EVER allowed to hijack my blog again. I asked him why he posted such unflattering photos of me and his response was "what do you mean - you look beautiful." I hope he never updates he eyeglass prescription!

I found a link to the most incredible applique artist on Diane Gaudynski's blog. Her name is Sandra Leichner and her work stopped me in my tracks the first time I ever saw it in person. Her blog is incredible. She updates it regularly and is extremely generous when it comes to sharing her tips, techniques, secrets, etc. According to her website, she doesn't travel much to teach anymore. This is a shame because I've learned more from reading just one of her blog entries than I have learned in entire all day applique classes. The good news is that according to her site she has a book coming out early next year. I want to put my order in now!

I hope enjoy her site as much as I have.

Until next time - Best Stitches!
aka The Savage Quilter
PS - The family photo at the top is my immediate family plus aunts, uncle, and cousins from my Mom's side. Small, intimate gathering in my backyard last weekend.

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