Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Applique Academy

    This year my husband and I celebrated St. Valentine's Day in Williamsburg, VA.  My gift was a trip to The Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy.  It was my first trip to THE Academy (as the regulars call it) and I found it very interesting.  Pretty much everything about the experience is unlike any other quilting event or retreat I have ever attended.  For example, you have several weeks to pour over the brochure and plan out your classes but you cannot send in your registration or money until a certain date.  Then as the registrations are received they are collected, dated, and numbered.  You then are put into classes on a first come first serve basis.  If you send in your registration early you are penalized and your move to the back of the line.  Up until THE registration day the Yahoo Groups are buzzing and it reminds me of the news footage you see every year of the department store that puts designer wedding gowns on sale for $5 each - you know the one I'm talking about - women lining up for days and then when the doors open it looks like the running of the bulls in Pamplona.  Then this is ALWAYS followed by the tragic, FOX NEWS story of the lovely Bride-to-Be that was trampled to death by crazed shoppers.   But back to the Academy process; after the registration is mailed in then the really puzzling part of the process starts.  Two friends can both send in their registration on the same day, by FedEx, overnight, for 8 AM delivery (for a FexEx fee of about $80) and one friend will be in the class and the other will be number 9 on the waiting list???!!!!   It really doesn't matter which class you end up in  because ALL the teachers are world class applique instructors and well worth the money.  My advice is to save the $80 for fabric and take your chances on the waiting list.  But be an active wait lister - check back often up until the minute to see if there is room in the class.   Spaces do open up in some classes.

My first choice for class was with Shirely Bloomfield but her class was one of those that sold out early.  Here she is addressing the group at the Welcome Dinner and showing her class samples.
On my second day there I learned several students dropped out in the last few weeks before the academy began and she had FOUR empty seats in her class. UGH!  Oh well, I have decided not be upset because my consolation prize was a class with Sharon Schamber. Sharon was my second choice only because I have never taken a class with Shirley.  Sharon's class was fabulous and if you ever have a chance to take a class with her, please take it.  This was my third class with her and I am always amazed at how much I learn each and every class.  The block we worked on is called Victorian Rose - it worked up very fast and was a lot of fun to do! Here is my completed block.
During class we worked on our blocks by hand.  At home I finished mine by machine.  Here is close up of the rose itself - it is completely machine stitched.

I did the black embroidered border at home.  In the directions it says you can either do the embroidery by hand or by bobbin work.  Well, I wasn't crazy about doing it by hand but I had never done bobbin work either.  Nothing ventured nothing gained - right?  So I went for the bobbin work.  It was so EASY!  I couldn't believe it!!!  Here's a close-up of how it turned out.

The Academy itself ran like a clock.  Everything was very orderly, our arrangements were perfect, the classrooms were spacious with good lighting, and hotel rooms were very clean, and the staff blew us away with great service.  If you don't include the banquet meals at the planned events, the food was very good.  It's a college town so we found good pizza, subs, salads, etc. for quick, tasty lunches.

The Academy was pretty high on my list of "Quilt Things To Do Before I Need  a Walker" so I'm was thrilled to attend.  However, I'm not sure I will be going again.  The timing has shifted so that St. Valentine's Day falls each year during the Academy.  So I won't be going without Jim.  But, as we discovered, that part of Virginia in February (off season) is pretty dull and he had a hard time staying busy.   Then again, never say never!

Happy Stitching!
Mercy in Miami
aka The Savage Quilter


  1. Wow! I am so envious of the qorkshops that you have attended and impressed by the results you have achieved!

  2. Sorry for the typo!!!!
    I , of course, meant workshops!!!

  3. Thank you for the comical review of The Academy registration process. I am going to send my application in August and will heed your advice on "taking my chances." I hope I am granted the opportunity to attend. It is on my "pre-walker" list as well. I see that the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival is scheduled the week following Academy. Ohhh, how exciting! Enjoyed your blog.

  4. Thanks Marcia! I'm so happy you enjoyed the review. Maybe I will see you there one day.

    Best stitches!