Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Better Organized

Color Inspiration for Nasturtiums Block

Too messy for my comfort!
Hi gang!  I hope everyone reading this is doing well and enjoying a change of seasons.  Here in Miami it's still HOT and HUMID.  That means Miami quilters are all still indoors with the air conditioning on high and busy working on projects.  If you are like me and busy in your sewing room, sometimes the mess gets a little out of hand.  I don't seem to work very well in disorganization so I'm always looking for organizing solutions. 

My latest find is called the Iris Scrapbook Cart

What I really like about this particular cart is that the individual drawers are closed containers that I can grab go!

That works well for transporting my projects to quilt group OR to the family room so I can sit with my family and still work on my projects.

Loaded with projects!

One holds all my tools, then each remaining holds a project!

I loaded all my hand applique tools into one container (and because it closes tight there is no fear of loosing needles, pins, thimbles, or other tiny tools).  I loaded the remaining containers with individual projects. 

Much neater!

My sewing room is still not perfectly neat but it's so much better!

Nasturtiums Block
 For those of you following along, here is my latest block in Jeana Kimball's Cottage Garden class.  I have never seen a Nasturtium flower in real life so I took my color cues from our tropical red orange/yellow flowers.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.     
Fabric Guard Dogs on Duty

I can't believe Lucy (on the left) and Ethel (on the right) are almost 1 year old.  They have grown into wonderful fabric guard dogs.  Ethel has an affinity for purple fabric and if I leave any within her reach it's hers! Lucy likes to lay close by and watch me stitch.

Until next time....
Best stitches,
Mercy in Miami


  1. Beautiful block, Mercy - are the lines in the petals drawn or embroidered. You have a knack for picking colors!

  2. Thanks! I take my color inspiration from nature! All the lines are embroidered. I just a single strand of 50 or 60 wt cotton sewing thread - the same I use to applique with. I think it's the icing on the cake!
    Best stitches!
    Mercy in Miami