Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Graceful Over Under Applique

There are 4 blocks in the Ocean Waves Opportunity Quilt (I've started calling it Tropical Twist) that have at the top of the design a ribbon bow. This can all be stitched out of a single fabric (easiest method), or two fabrics - one for the top loops and the other for the legs & center knot (easy), or two fabrics "twisted" to depict the ribbon bending (not EASY but fun and very elegant). Many applique artists use this design element in their quilts to depict bending leaves or twisting ribbons. The results are beautiful. Visit Mary Sorensen's site or Nancy Pearson's site for lots of gorgeous examples of patterns and quilts that incorporate this technique.

For the adventurous followers of my blog that would like to try this Over Under technique, below are the step by step instructions for use with the Template Free applique method.
1. Stitch BOTH the Over and Under fabrics in place basting exactly on the stitch line.
2. From the back insert a pin across the marked line that indicates where the Over Under clip will occur. 3. Using the pin as a guide, mark on the front where to clip the top fabric.

4. Make the clip right to the stitching line.
5. Pull back the top fabric to expose the seam allowance of the fabric underneath.
6. Mark the Under fabric to indicate where the clip needs to occur and clip to the turn line.
7. Carefully remove the basting stitches surrounding the Over Under clipping so that the seam allowances can be positioned as needed.
8. The two seam allowances will interlock at the clip.
9. Here is an example of the technique on a ribbon bow applique shape. Note that after the two seam allowances were fit together the stitch line was re-basted. This is helpful or very small or intricate shapes or to avoid fraying if the entire piece will not be finished in a single sitting.

10. Here is the finished over under edge. Notice that the lighter blue fabric edge closest to the view is UNDER the darker blue fabric. But, the lighter blue fabric furthest away from the viewer is OVER the darker blue fabric. Here is another view of the same applique shape. From this angle notice that the lighter blue fabric edge to the left of the needle is UNDER the darker blue fabric and the lighter blue fabric to the right of the needle is OVER the darker blue fabric.
Happy Stitching!
Mercy in Ft. Lauderdale - AKA The Savage Quilter

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  1. I'm enjoying looking at your blog! Wonderful appliqué you are doing! I love appliqué also, but have also learned to love English Paper Piecing and combine the two. I'm a new follower and hope you will take a peek at my blog also. Thanks for sharing your pretty stitching!