Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My new Bernina is so shiny and new.

Hi gang!
It's here, it's here, it's here! My birthday present finally arrived! And they were really big boxes too...oohhhhh.

Jim had to set it up because I couldn't even budge it. He pulled everything out of the boxes and it filled up two sewing tables. Yikes!

I was so excited I looked like the Marvel Comic Book character - The Flash opening all the little boxes within boxes! I lost count of how many instructional DVDs it came with but I did find a manual - only 1 inch thick.
I was so overwhelmed (think deer caught in headlights) that decided to put all the embroidery stuff away until I can get the basics figured out and look at it tomorrow. Well, after an hour I never figured out how to thread the machine - so much for the basics. I guess the embroidery will wait a little longer.
I couldn't sleep at all last night just dreaming all the wonderful projects I would stitch. I finally did pass out clutching the instruction manual like a teddy bear.

Of course, Thaddeus did his best to help. He tried making friends with the machine by offering his favorite toy - a VERY LOUD blue squeaky ball - and dropping it into the open box. So yes, the machine has been baptized with doggie drool. I hear that's good luck and guarantees the machine will only sew prize winning quilts.

The house is finally coming together and things are settling down to a controlled chaos. I'm praying to get back to my projects sooner rather than later and hoping to again begin posting quilt projects and tips/tricks soon.

Until then, I wish you all Best Stitches!
aka The Savage Quilter

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Knock Your Socks Off Applique

Hi gang!

First of all let me say that Jim is NEVER EVER allowed to hijack my blog again. I asked him why he posted such unflattering photos of me and his response was "what do you mean - you look beautiful." I hope he never updates he eyeglass prescription!

I found a link to the most incredible applique artist on Diane Gaudynski's blog. Her name is Sandra Leichner and her work stopped me in my tracks the first time I ever saw it in person. Her blog is incredible. She updates it regularly and is extremely generous when it comes to sharing her tips, techniques, secrets, etc. According to her website, she doesn't travel much to teach anymore. This is a shame because I've learned more from reading just one of her blog entries than I have learned in entire all day applique classes. The good news is that according to her site she has a book coming out early next year. I want to put my order in now!

I hope enjoy her site as much as I have.

Until next time - Best Stitches!
aka The Savage Quilter
PS - The family photo at the top is my immediate family plus aunts, uncle, and cousins from my Mom's side. Small, intimate gathering in my backyard last weekend.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello everyone. I this is James. I have hi-jacked Mercy blog. I am posting her 49th Birthday Pictures. Sorry only picked a few pictures. I took 300 pictures .
Mercy and Mom. Watch out candy is about to come flying.
Mercy and Dad
Mercy just found out . I got her new 830 Bernina machine with all the bells and whistle . She is crying because she just organize her quilting room and now she has do it all over again .
Botet Brothers and Sisters
The Family