Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Saga of the Background continues...

Or "As the Needle Turns" (get needle turn applique? I crack myself up.)

Does this ever happen to you? I don't know how I manage to get myself into these situations! All I had to do was find a color I liked and buy about 5 yards of it for a simple BOM class at my local quilt shop. I am sure this is how many of us end up surrounded by yard and yards of fabric and taking an oath to never, ever, under any circumstances buy another piece of cloth!!! I'm still in shock.

As my blog readers may know I ordered several yards of custom hand-dyed Cherrywood fabric, in the perfect color, for my BAQ background. As soon as I had confirmation of the order, I received an email notifying me of a sale at one of my favorite online shops. Following the links I discovered the Moda version of the same PERFECT color in the $3 bargain bin in one of the shops! It was the original "perfect color" and now it's $3!! I had to order it!!! So before the month is out I will have altogether 12-15 yards of the medium aqua blue fabric , enough to do my BAQ on point, and enough for the setting triangles, borders, matching pillow case to store it, and a slip cover for a tractor trailer.

Don't forget I also have 10 yards of the original "Perfect" color that I decided was not appropriate for this project.

I swear, I am not buying another piece of fabric, never! ever! until I go to Quilt Scene on Saturday morning!

Until next time – happy stitching!

Mercy in Ft. Lauderdale Aka The Savage Quilter

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